September Nonprofit Spotlight

For any newcomers, this post is the third in a series that I share at the end of each month spotlighting different ATL-area nonprofits. I’ve started this series both out of a passion for nonprofit organizations and in response to a need I have observed in my community. In general, we all want to get involved with causes connected to our hometown, but sometimes it can be hard to find trusted, local nonprofits that support the cause we love. For this reason, I consult my friends and family at the end of each month to feature their favorite local nonprofits in the hopes that it will become even easier for us to find and support our ATL neighbors and causes we love.

This month’s Nonprofit Spotlight highlights 10 Women of Hope, an organization that was recommended by my boyfriend, Carson. Read on to find out more about this amazing organization and how you can get involved!


What is 10 Women of Hope?
10 Women of Hope is an non-profit organization run by 10 Women who have served the community of Georgia for years. They host events and fundraisers with local shop owners and artists to raise money for the organization.  All donations and money collected from these events are fully invested into the mission of 10 Women of Hope.  That mission is to provide one-time financial support for single-parent families in the Cobb county area who are in critical need of support.

How did you get involved?
I got involved with the organization because a couple of the 10 Women are family friends. When I was in high school, they asked me to assist them at their fundraisers by helping set up vendors, working valet and parking assistance, and filling in for any other support roles they needed.

How does this organization meet the needs of our city?
Most of the 10 Women have lived in and around the Cobb County area for  many years. They have recognized the need of many single-parent families in the area and they not only assist those in financial need, but they also support local business owners and vendors with their fundraising events like their annual Girls Night Out, which is happening this year on October 18th.

If you could describe the organization in 5 words, what would they be?
Passionate, Honest, Welcoming, Kind, Intentional

How can people get involved?
The best way to get involved is to visit and click on the “Get Involved” tab to contact one of the 10 Women. You could also send them a letter to their PO Box address listed on the website stating your intent to get involved with one of their fundraising events.




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